Lipotransfer in breast plastic

Modern breast plastic offers the rich possibilities of modeling a bust. Operations are available to reduce and lift the breast, but the most popular operations are still breast augmentation. However, there are various methods to choose not only based on the use of implants. An example of such a modern methodology is lipotransfer. What should you know about this? What is a lipotransfer?
Lipotransfer is a method of breast enlargement in which implants or other artificial fillers are replaced by fat tissue. This fabric is autogenic, i.e. It comes from the patient who will be carried out lipotransplantation. In practice, this means that lipofilling is such a professional name for this procedure - it is a combination of liposuction and breast plastics. How is lipotransfer carried out? Firstly, it is necessary to collect autogenic adipose tissue. For this purpose, liposuction is carried out, i.e. The fabric is sucked out of those places where the amount of fat is the most, i.e. Mostly from the hips, hips or abdomen. The next step is the processing of the resulting material to secrete healthy cells that will be used for reimplantation. Then the material prepared in this way is implanted. The main area of ​​application of the lipotransfer is breast surgery, where this procedure is used as an effective method of enlargement and correction of the breast. The effects of treatment are not only in improving the size and shape of the chest, but also in its elasticity. This method is also easily used after mastectomy for reconstructive purposes, as well as after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Conditions of lipotransfer
Why is it worth choosing a lipotransfer? The advantages of such treatment include: double effect - lipofilling - this is not only an improvement in the appearance of the chest, but also a way of effective correction of the figure in places where the most adipose tissue is postponed;
Safety - autologue of transplanted adipose tissue eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction and other complications associated with the possible rejection of tissue;
The natural and persistent effect - the lipotransfer immediately gives the effect of natural filling, which persists for a long time.
In addition, the advantages of lipofilling include the short duration of the procedure itself, as well as subsequent recovery. Summing up, we can say that the Lipotransfer method is an excellent alternative to a traditional breast augmentation using implants. Porn videos with Kate Kuray - i found here